Vape Kits

Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, discover easy-to-use and simple designs for E-cigarettes that will provide a generous all-day unit or a useful spare vape for keeping up your sleeve.

Hardware contributions of established brands such as Aspire as well as lesser-known brands whose vape kits are rocking the vaping world with their simple, sleek and chic designs, outlandish or subtle colourations, and the easy vaping experience that they entail.

So, whether it’s a huge fist-sized vape you’re looking for with incredible battery life and the ability to create massive clouds, or else a discreet, slim and easy design to slip into a pocket at work or on the go, you’ll find all kinds of shapes and sizes of vape kit here, ready to get you up and running.

Choose to your own specs of vaper kits UK: some are inhale-operated, initiating when you begin to draw, while others operate by the press of a button. Some offer the perfect sun-ohm vaping, and others are all about that unrivalled MTL experience.