Spot on TASTE!!!

Spot on TASTE!!!

I love this flavour. Will be ordering again.

Firstly the taste is spot on. On the inhale, it's strong lemon and then on the exhale, a kind of meringue taste. It is extremely pleasant if not moreish. Zesty followed by sweet. I 100 percent think you need to try at least once.

The bottle is immensely cool too. It feels top quality compared to most others. The price is quite good for the flavour you experience. It could possibly lose a pound as you can get a 100ml of another liquid elsewhere. But it's fine as it is.

To add on, it produces a decent cloud.

The total score is below.
Aesthetic- 5/5
Delivery- 5/5
Price- 3.5/5
Cloud- 4/5

Testimonial By: MoeyBell
Monday 11 March, 2019